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Definition of Presumptive Disability

A presumptive disability is a severe health condition the Social Security Administration assumes is completely disabling. Claimants who are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and have a presumptive disability may able to receive temporary disability payments for up to six months while the SSA evaluates their condition and decides if they qualify for SSI benefits.

There are many conditions which qualify for presumptive disability payments including the following: total deafness, blindness, symptomatic HIV infection, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, severe mental retardation, low birth weight, spinal cord injury with an inability to walk with a walker, muscular dystrophy, stroke (with no recovery after 3 months), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, terminal illness with six months or less to live, and amputation of two limbs or one leg at the hip.

If after six months you are not approved for disability benefits, presumptive disability payments will stop, but the SSA will not require the funds that have been received to be repaid. If you have questions about your condition and whether or not it will qualify you for presumptive disability payments, contact the SSA for more information.

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