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Definition of Medical Evidence

Medical evidence is any information the Social Security Administration is able to gather from a claimant's doctors. According to the SSA, this can include all pertinent clinical and laboratory findings (both positive and negative), copies of laboratory results and mental status examinations for claimants with a mental health condition.

Claimants often ask what they have to do to win SSDI or SSI benefits. The best way to win benefits is to go to a doctor and generate medical evidence that you have a condition which is so severe you are unable to work any type of job. Do you have to have a doctor's note stating you are disabled? No, but you will need information from doctors about your inability to perform work-related activities.

For instance, if you have a physical or mental limitation which makes it difficult to work with co-workers, to sit, to stand, to push, to pull, to lift or to work on a sustained basis (8 hours/day and 5 days/week), this should be documented in your medical file. In some cases the SSA will also require longitudinal clinical records and detailed historical notes discussing the course of the disorder and what you have done to try to return to work.

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