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Definition of in Kind Support And Maintenance

In-kind support and maintenance can be any kind of gift given by another person to a claimant who is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In-kind support can be so high that a claimant, who might have otherwise qualified for SSI, is disqualified. SSI is offered only to claimants with very limited resources and income. SSI can be reduced or terminated if the claimant makes too much income, lives with a spouse whose income is too high or receives too much in- kind support and maintenance. The SSA considers in-kind support and maintenance to include property taxes, rent, mortgage payments and utility bills. Phone, cable bills, or medical costs are not considered in-kind support.

The Social Security Administration will expect you to report gifts that you receive which are considered in-kind support so they can subtract the current market value from the SSI payment. Failure to report in-kind support can result in an overpayment of SSI benefits which may have to be paid back to the SSA.

If your SSI payment is currently lower than the Federal Benefit Rate it is likely the SSA has reduced your benefits. If you live alone or with another person and you pay for your own food and shelter, this is not considered in-kind support.

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