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Definition of Expedited Reinstatement

Expedited reinstatement allows Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to be restarted immediately if certain conditions are met. An expedited reinstatement allows the claimant to avoid long delays and get benefits again without submitting a new disability application. Additionally, if a claimant qualifies for an expedited reinstatement they generally can get temporary or provisional benefits up 6 months while the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews their disability case.

SSDI claimants may qualify for an expedited reinstatement if they had their SSDI stopped because their work earnings were too high but they later found they were unable to continue to perform substantial gainful activity due the same condition or a related impairment(s) that allowed them to get benefits earlier. The claimant must, however, request the benefits be reinstated within five years from the month their benefits were terminated. If the claimant waits more than five years to request a reinstatement they will have to file a new SSDI application.

Expedited reinstatement also allows for SSDI benefits to be paid temporarily up to 6 months while the SSA reviews the claimant's application. Benefits can also include temporary Medicare or Medicaid benefits. Claimants who are denied expedited reinstatement benefits but who have received provisional payments will not have to repay the benefits, although they will be terminated after six months or earlier if the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies the SSDI claim.

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