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Hepatitis C and eating healthy for your condition

Anyone who has been diagnosed with hepatitis C is encouraged to eat right and make good food choices for their body. Although eating healthy is always important, if your liver is not operating properly it becomes even more so. For instance, healthy eating not only decreases some of the symptoms of your condition, but it may also help improve or repair some of the damage from the disease.

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World leaders fight to reduce premature deaths

Premature deaths due to poor lifestyle choices, it’s a problem facing every country across the globe. Now world health leaders have decided to attack the problem head on by setting goals to help individuals make better choices and potentially reduce the number of premature deaths by 25% by 2025. That would save 37 million lives over 15 years.

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Happiness leads to better health

Happiness, defined as optimism and a sense of well-being, really does make us healthier, but why are some individuals happy while others struggle? Researchers now believe that people are not only born with a normal level of “subjective well-being,” their mood can also be affected by other factors such as daily stress, their environment and other unexpected events and tragedies.

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Healthy eating costs $1.50 more per day

It only takes a quick trip to McDonalds to see that healthy eating costs more. Consider, you can buy a small burger for under $1.00. What if you want to eat a healthier food option? The costs can be close to $5.00. What if you want to get the whole family a salad? Get ready for a food bill that is five times as much as what it would have cost you if you’d all eaten a burger.

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Vitamin D deficiency is a concern for most Americans

Doctors and medical experts have suggested we need to lather on the sunscreen for the last decade, but according to new reports, many Americans may be vitamin D deficient. According to a recent CNN report, the official guideline for vitamin D supplementation is set at 600 IU per day, but some say that amount is too low and claim we may need much as much as 20,000 IU each week to beat vitamin D deficiency.

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