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Symmetric Psoriatic Arthritis

Symmetric psoriatic arthritis is similar to rheumatoid arthritis. It is usually milder with less deformity than rheumatoid arthritis.

Symmetric psoriatic arthritis involves joints on both sides of your body at the same time. For example, this may mean both of your hips or both of your knees. This also means that usually more than one of your joints is affected by symmetric psoriatic arthritis.

The Causes of Symmetric psoriatic arthritis

No one knows the specific cause of symmetric psoriatic arthritis. It is believed that the cause of symmetric psoriatic arthritis may involve a combination of environmental, immune and genetic factors. Approximately 40% of the people with symmetric psoriatic arthritis or psoriasis have a close relative who also has this disorder.

Symmetric psoriatic arthritis occurs twice as often in women as it does in men. Many times, symmetric psoriatic arthritis will begin at the same time as psoriatic skin plaques start to show up.

Signs you might have Symmetric psoriatic arthritis

There are some signs and symptoms that help identify and distinguish symmetric psoriatic arthritis. One of these is thickened, discolored and pitting nails. This is something that distinguishes symmetric psoriatic arthritis from rheumatoid arthritis.

Another characteristic sign or symptom of symmetric psoriatic arthritis is joint stiffness in the morning. This may involve the joints at the end of your fingertips and the joints of your palm. Many times, larger joints, such as your hips and knees are also affected by symmetric psoriatic arthritis.

There are serious consequences that you may face if you do not get treatment for symmetric psoriatic arthritis. There is a better than 50% chance that you will go on and develop destructive arthritis.

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