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Hydroperitoneum and Getting Disability

Your peritoneal (abdominal) cavity is located underneath your chest cavity. Your diaphragm separates your chest cavity from your peritoneal cavity.

Hydroperitoneum is a condition that is characterized by fluid building up in your peritoneal cavity. This is usually serous fluid. Serous fluid is a clear and pale yellow fluid.

Traditionally, hydroperitoneum has been divided into two types. These are exudative or transudative. The thing that determines which type that you have is the amount of protein in your serous fluid.

Today, however, there is another system in place for classifying hydroperitoneum that has for its basis the amount of albumin in your serous fluid as compared to the amount of albumin that there is in your blood (serum albumin). If your hydroperitoneum is related to portal hypertension from things, such as cirrhosis or congestive heart failure, the difference in albumin is usually more than 1.1. If your hydroperitoneum is related to things like a malignancy or pancreatitis, the difference is lower than 1.1.

What Causes Hydroperitoneum?

Cirrhosis or advanced liver disease is the primary thing that leads to hydroperitoneum. In fact, somewhere around 80% of all the instances of hydroperitoneum are thought to be due to cirrhosis. However, there are other things that can bring about hydroperitoneum. Some of these include:

Kidney dialysis may also play a part in the occurrence of hydroperitoneum.

Signs of Hydroperitoneum

You may not have any signs or symptoms at all if your hydroperitoneum is mild. If your condition is more severe, some of the signs and symptoms that you may experience are:

The diagnosis of hydroperitoneum is usually made on the basis of a physical exam, your signs and symptoms and your personal medical history. Determining the underlying disorder or ailments that are causing your hydroperitoneum is probably the most important aspect of your diagnosis. There are several diagnostic procedures and tests that you doctor will probably want you to have so that the underlying cause of your hydroperitoneum may be discovered. Some of these may include:

Get Disability Help for your Hydroperitoneum

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