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What is CLE, or Congenital Lobar Emphysema?

Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) is a rare lung condition which occurs at birth when a baby's lung lobes are over inflated and the air becomes trapped. There are two types of CLE: hypoalveolar (too few alveoli) and polyalveolar (too many alveoli).

This condition is present at birth and causes a variety of symptoms ranging from minor to severe. It is not uncommon, however, for children with congenital lobar emphysema to also have respiratory or heart issues.

Symptoms of Congenital Lobar Emphysema (CLE)

Children who suffer from congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) experience a variety of symptoms including:

Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) is generally diagnosed within a few days of birth or up to six months. It is more common in boys than girls and most often presents with respiratory distress and wheezing.

Surgery is generally needed for patients with severe symptoms; however, less severe cases are managed with non-operative approaches. Keeping in mind, this condition must be managed by appropriate medical treatment to ensure that children with a mild case do not experience life-threatening events later in life.

Winning SSI for Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE)

If you have a child who has congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) they may need expensive medical care. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers monthly cash assistance through the Supplemental Security Income program to some families who have disabled children if the families can prove their child's condition is "marked and severe" and is expected to last for at least 12 continuous months. Additionally, the family must have VERY limited income and resources. Just having a diagnosis for this condition will not be sufficient; you also must meet the other requirements outlined above.

Proving your child's disability is Marked and Severe
The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a list of all conditions they consider disabling in the SSA Listing of Impairments – Part B for children. Although congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) is not specifically listed you may be able to prove congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) "meets or exceeds" a condition on the list. For example, the SSA does have a listing under 103.00 Respiratory System which outlines several conditions such as Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Lung transplant or chronic pulmonary insufficiency. Each of these conditions has specific symptoms which the SSA considers disabling. If you can prove that your child's symptoms are as severe as the symptoms for one of these conditions it may be possible to win Supplemental Security Income benefits for your child.

Hiring a Disability Lawyer
Many claimants are confused when they have a diagnosis and their child is denied SSI. Many cases are denied because the family's income and resource level is too high. If you do not meet this nonmedical requirement your child's SSI case will be denied, regardless of the severity of their condition.

If you have questions about applying for SSI or if you are concerned that you do not have the right medical evidence to prove your child is disabled, talk to a disability attorney. Most disability lawyers offer free consultations and will let you know if you have a good SSI disability case.

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