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Broca's Aphasia

Broca's aphasia may mean that you are completely unable to speak. Or, you may be limited to where you can only make single-word statements. In some instances, full sentences may be possible, but they are made with a large amount of effort. Broca's aphasia is known by other names. It is also referred to as motor aphasia, non-fluent aphasia and expressive aphasia. Learn how you may qualify for social security if you are affected by Broca's aphasia.

Understanding Aphasia: Aphasia is a language disorder that is characterized by damage to the parts of your brain that are responsible for language. This usually involves the left side (hemisphere) of your brain for most people.

Aphasia is a disorder that usually develops suddenly. Aphasia is often caused by a stroke or head injury. However, aphasia can also take place slowly, as in the case of a brain tumor.

Speech, Comprehension, and Brocas aphasia

Your speech with Broca's aphasia has a telegraphic quality to it. Articles (the, a, an), conjunctions and other small words are left out. Your speech is focused on function words.

Thankfully, with Broca's aphasia you do not lose your comprehension. You are able to understand the conversation of other people, and you are able to follow directions.

One of the common problems with Broca's aphasia is hemiplegia or hemiparesis. This is a paralysis or weakness on your right side.

Broca's aphasia is also characterized by having a hard time finding the word that you want to use in conversation. You are aware of your problems with language, and this may lead to emotional disturbances like depression.

How Broca's aphasia is caused

Broca's aphasia is caused by damage to the front area of your brain. This is the area of your brain that is dominant for human language. This damage may be caused by things like a brain tumor, a stroke or a car accident.

Signs and symptoms of Broca's Aphasia

The signs and symptoms that you experience with Broca's aphasia will depend on the severity of the disorder. Possible signs and symptoms may include:

You may have become disabled and unable to work because of the disability that has been brought about by Broca's aphasia or complications that have been caused by it. If this is the case, you may need financial help. Complete our free evaluation today!

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