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BPH and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Your prostate is the small walnut-shaped gland in the male reproductive system that is responsible for producing seminal fluid. Seminal fluid is the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.

What does BPH mean? BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia. BPH is a condition in which you have an enlarged prostate. This means that your prostate gland has increased in size. BPH is a condition that occurs in many men who are over the age of 50.

As your prostate gland grows, it may press on your urethra and block the flow of urine out of your bladder. This may also result in urinary tract, kidney and bladder difficulties.

Other names of BPH

BPH is known by other names. It is also referred to as prostate gland enlargement, benign prostatic hyperplasia and benign prostatic hypertrophy.

As mentioned above, BPH is a very prevalent condition in men who are over the age of 50. Studies have indicated that 50% of men who are over the age 50 have BPH. For men who live to the age of 85, that percentage goes up to 90%. In fact, the most common prostate problem for men in the United States who are over the age of 50 is BPH.

The prostate continues to grow in most men for as long as they live. This continued growth of the prostate gland is responsible for several problems for many men. Researchers are not sure about what causes BPH. Some researchers theorize that BPH may be connected with the balance of sex hormones as men continue to age.

Risk Factors that develop with BPH

There are some risk factors that may increase your likelihood of developing BPH. Some of these are:

Indicating signs you might have BPH

There are several different signs and symptoms that you may experience, which may be an indication of BPH. Some of these may include:

Test and Procedures for BPH

Your doctor will likely want to know about your signs and symptoms and do a digital rectal exam in order to diagnose your BPH. There are several diagnostic tests and procedures that your doctor may want you to have in order to confirm a diagnosis of BPH and to rule out other possible causes of your signs and symptoms. Some of these are:

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