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Why wont the SSA help everyone who needs help?

Recently on our disability forum we had a Social Security Disability applicant ask, “Why the Social  Security Administration help everyone who needs help? This question goes to the fundamental question of what the Federal Government is responsible to do and what we as individuals should do for ourselves.

I will be honest. I closely adhere to the principles that the Federal Government should be limited and to that end it should provide only the most basic provisions for its citizens. A recent article stated, “The Constitution was carefully written to limit the power and scope of government, not expand it. The tenth amendment of the Constitution specifically states that "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution... are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." With this is mind, the purpose of the Federal Government should be to protect our liberty and freedom with a small and limited government, not provide a “safety net” for every man, woman and child.

If someone needs help due to a personal crisis or disability the best place for that person to seek support is first within their own family, then their community, and then the state. The Federal Government was never intended to provide the extensive social services we see today.

Why does the SSA not help everyone?

The political answer would be that the Federal Government is not responsible for helping everyone. First and foremost individuals should work hard and save money while they are working so they can support themselves if they are no longer able to work.

Another reason the SSA cannot help everyone that needs help is because the Federal Government is broke. We currently have a federal deficit (including unfunded future liabilities) that is so high that every man, woman and child would have to pay in excess of $184,000 a piece to repay it (according to the Independence Institute).

Additionally, money generated by the Federal Government has come ultimately from the people. Taxing one group of people to transfer the wealth to another group will eventually generate hostility not to mention eventually drain the wealthy. Eventually there will be no one left to tax.

Why are so many people denied SSDI and SSI benefits?

But what you are probably asking, politics aside, is why are so many people denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI )or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is a much simpler and less theoretical question. The SSA has outlined specific requirements for each disability program. If you fail to meet the requirements of SSDI or SSI you are denied. Although some SSDI or SSI denials can be appealed, others cannot.

For instance, if you are denied SSDI because you do not have enough work credits or you have too much income and resources to get SSI benefits, unless you work more and earn credits (For SSDI only) or lower your income and resources (for SSI only), these denial will continue, regardless of the severity of your health condition.

Hiring a disability lawyer

If you have been denied, you can always talk to a disability lawyer.  SSI and SSDI lawyers will review your disability case for free and let you know if they can help you win benefits.
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