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Weight gain and steps to avoid it this Holiday Season

If you are like most people it’s not unusual to gain one to two pounds over the holidays. This may be fine if you are able to redouble your efforts in January and February and take the weight off, but gaining two or three pounds every holiday season and not losing it can be lead to substantial weight gain each year.

But what are you to do? The delights of Thanksgiving and Christmas may seem too delectable to refuse. So what do the experts say? There are a few sensible suggestions to keep the weight at bay without totally avoiding the eggnog and fruit cake.

According to Dr. Amy Moore, assistant professor of nutrition and dietetics at Saint Louis University in the US, taking a few simple steps this year may be enough to avoid substantial weight gain.

Steps to battle the bulge this holiday season:


1. Be picky with the foods you eat and only eat your favorite.

If you go to a holiday party you do not have to say no to everything, but decide a head of time which treats you are going to try. Eat your favorites and avoid the rest. Also, if you have a party you are planning to attend, be prepared. Do not go to the party hungry. Drink a large glass of water and eat a light snack before you go.

2. Be mindful of what you eat.

It’s easy to walk around the buffet table, tasting small bites of everything. Unfortunately, even small bites can add up to big calories. Instead of grazing, get a plate, get a fork, sit down and eat slowly, savoring every bite. If you slow down and really enjoy your food you will be much more satisfied and less likely to eat as much.

3. Make great conversation and avoid the buffet table.

Have you ever been talking to someone and forgotten to eat? Family and friendship is calorie free. Enjoy conversation. Savor sitting down with a friends over a glass of hot tea and avoid the buffet table altogether.

4. Plan ahead before you eat.

If you know you are going to a party eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. You can also bring a health option to the party such as a fruit or vegetable tray. Fill your plate up with healthy choices and save limited space for the most decadent treats. Eat pomegranates, Clementine oranges and cranberries and you won’t need the chocolate chip cookies.

Finally, the good doctors recommend exercise and avoiding hibernation. Get up early, put exercise on your schedule and get your tennis shoes on. Tracking your caloric intake can be critical to maintaining your weight. Understand how many calories can be burned with certain athletic activities. Move more and hibernate less. Balance your food intake with your physical output.

Weight gain leads to serious health concerns


If you have a serious health condition, these steps become even more critical. Obesity can exacerbate a variety of serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


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