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Vitamin D- Sunlight could save your life

Vitamin D deficiency can threaten your life

Vitamin D, which is critical for developing proper bone structure and regulating other minerals in the body, is found in a variety of foods including mackerel, sardines and tuna and is frequently added to dairy products which are “fortified” with the vitamin. Sunlight, however, is most readily received through sunlight.

While too much sun exposure has become a great concern for many individuals, doctors and scientists now realize that a  vitamin D deficiency can also cause or contribute to a variety of serious diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, bone pain, bone loss and certain types of autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancers including colon, breast, prostate and stomach cancer.

According to scientist, doctors are now seeing more than 30 people die from these types of cancers for everyone one person who dies from skin cancer.

Medical experts now suggest that everyone needs sun exposure at least 2 to 3 times per week for a few minutes. The amount of sun exposure varies by person, age, season and the time of day, but not getting enough sun and suffering from vitamin D deficiency can negatively impact your health.

Recently, in a study led by researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, research suggests that there is a correlation between vitamin D3 serum levels and subsequent incidence of Type 1 diabetes.

In the six year study of the blood levels of nearly 2,000 individuals researchers concluded there is an association between vitamin D deficiency and risk of and Type 1 diabetes. In the study scientist “analyzed 1000 samples of serum from healthy people who later developed type 1 diabetes and 1000 healthy controls whose blood was drawn on or near the same date but who did not develop type 1 diabetes.”

After comparing the blood samples investigators were able to determine the optimal serum level needed to lower an individual's risk of developing type 1 diabetes.  According to scientist, "While there are a few conditions that influence vitamin D metabolism, for most people, 4000 IU per day of vitamin D3 will be needed to achieve the effective levels."

Researchers only saw a beneficial effect for Vitamin D3 and warned that other doses of Vitamin D may be less effective. They also noted that all mega doses should be avoided.

What’s the bottom line? Although theories about Vitamin D are not conclusive, evidence now suggests that vitamin D deficiency correlates with higher incidence ofcancers and other diseases. Should you go out and get sunburned? No, but slathering up with sun screen every time you step out of the house may also not be smart. Scientists are now starting to rethink the benefits of sunlight exposure and admit a little sunlight may just save your life.

Hiring a disability lawyer

If you have a severe debilitating health condition and you are not able to work, contact a disability lawyer. SSDI and SSI benefits are offered to some workers who are unable to work due to a severe health condition for at least 12 continuous months.