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Tumors and Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

Tumors are abnormal growths that occur in your body. Tumors are abnormal masses of tissue.

Tumors are formed when cells in your body begin to divide and multiply out of control. When your body is functioning properly, the division of cells is strictly controlled. However, this process does not always work in the right way. New cells are formed without being needed, and old cells remain alive when they should have died.

Tumors result from these extra cells. Tumors may either be benign or malignant. Tumors that are benign are not cancer. Tumors that are malignant are cancer.

Many different kinds

There are many different kinds of tumors that may develop. The name that is given to a tumor, in most instances, is a reflection of the type of tissue that it comes from. The name of the tumor may also reveal something about how it grows and what its shape is.

Benign tumors develop only in one area. They do not spread (metastasize) or invade other areas of your body.

If you have a tumor that is benign, you may not need any treatment for it at all. You may need to have it reduced in size (debulked) or entirely removed by surgery. Benign tumors can be dangerous if they press against one of your vital organs, like your brain.

Characteristics of malignant tumors

As mentioned earlier, malignant tumors are cancer. Tumors that are cancer are made up of cells that are aggressive (they grow and divide without respect to normal limits), invasive (they invade and destroy adjacent tissue) and sometimes metastatic (they spread to other parts of your body).

The primary cause of tumors is when the process of cell division does not work like it ought to. Difficulties with the way that your immune system is functioning can result in tumors. There are other things that can lead to the formation of tumors. Some of these are:

Genetic difficulties
Certain viruses
Benzene and other toxins and chemicals
Excessive exposure to sunlight
Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol
A sedentary lifestyle (inactivity).

Certain tumors develop in one gender more than they do in the other. Other tumors are more prevalent in either the elderly or children, and still others vary according to your family history, diet and environment.

The signs and symptoms that you experience with tumors will be determined by the location and kind that you have. Certain types of tumors result in no symptoms at all. Possible signs and symptoms produced by tumors include:

Loss of appetite
Unintentional weight loss
Night sweats
Malaise (general feeling of not being well)
Blood in your stool
Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Iron deficiency anemia.

Malignant tumors (cancer) are listed in the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments

. You may be able to get Social Security disability benefits if you have tumors. It will depend on the type that you have and the disability that they have brought about.

It is always a smart move to consult a disability attorney about your case and the possibility of you getting the Social Security disability benefits that are rightfully yours.

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