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Health and Women- top 4 health risks

There are several health concerns that all women should be concerned about including heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and depression. Medical experts now contend that there are several steps all women can take to eliminate or prevent such health conditions.

The first step is for women to take charge of their health. Women must work with their doctors and educate themselves by understanding their family history and listening to their bodies.

1.     Heart Disease- the number one health risk for women

The most dangerous health condition is heart disease for both men and women. Publicity and national attention has been directed to other conditions such as breast cancer but medical experts report that heart disease currently causes 29% of all deaths for women.

Heart disease, even if it does not kill you, can also cause severe disability. If you suffer from severe heart disease you may find you are unable to do common physical tasks such as walking, lifting, and carrying heavy objects, all common work functions you need to perform to maintain employment.

Recognizing severe heart disease can also be tough for women who often do not experience the typical chest pain that men experience. Women with heart disease commonly report other symptoms such as jaw pain, shoulder ache, nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath.

What are the risk factors for heart disease? According to the American Heart Association they can include aging, smoking, obesity, inactivity, high blood pressure, poor diet, race, and diabetes. The best way to eliminate the risk of heart disease is to get adequate medical care, live a well-balanced and stress free life, get enough physical exercise and eat a healthy diet.

2.     Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a real threat to women and is the most common cancer in women. The good news is that if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer it is not a “death sentence.” Good treatments are available and doctors caution against rash decisions or a rushed mastectomy. Common risks include family history, age, genetics, not having children, obesity and alcoholism.

3.     Osteoporosis

The good news is that increased information about osteoporosis has lead to better prevention techniques, and in many cases this condition is preventable. Currently, the National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates there are 44 million Americans, most of which are women, who are now threatened by this condition.

Taking the right steps such as eating the right foods, getting enough calcium and doing weight-bearing activity at a young age can help reduce the chance that you will get this condition. Risk factors include age, anorexia, family history, race, poor diet and sex hormones.

4.    Depression

Depression is about twice as likely to occur in women as men. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are about 12 million women who currently suffer from depression. Risk factors for depression include family history, heart problems, substance abuse, drug use, stress, disease and a history of mental and physical abuse.

Hiring a disability lawyer to evaluate your health

If you have any type of serious health condition such as osteoporosis, heart disease or breast cancer and you are not able to work, you may qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits.
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