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Top five diseases that are likely to kill you

Tornadoes, lightening strikes, random acts of violence- all things the average American shouldn’t really fear. Do you know what diseases and conditions are most likely to kill you- heart disease, cancer, lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, stroke and unintentional injuries such as those on roads or caused by medication overdoses.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control prevention in a study released today, the diseases listed above will cause up to 900,000 deaths in the United States- which is almost two-thirds of all deaths in the country.

Some diseases are preventable


The good news is that several of the top diseases which kill most often are preventable, assuming we take the right steps. For example, medical experts suggest taking simple steps such as not smoking, remaining physically fit, eating healthy food and getting consistent medical care can all be life savers.

They also note that it’s time for communities to “invest in resources, using proven strategies or coordinating with health care systems to help people live long and healthy lives. Even identifying and focusing on just one issue that can be addressed in each community will make a difference.”

Steps to take to reduce your risks of disease and death


But doing the right things for just you may not be enough to save your families and children. For instance, medical experts also recommend making sure that you and your loved ones have access to good medical care, such as preventative services and screenings to identify certain diseases and conditions as soon as possible.

Parents also must be vigilant and ensure their children avoid getting addicted to nicotine and avoid excess weight. Children who are obese are more likely to struggle with obesity the rest of their lives which can increase their chances of getting certain cancers or having heart disease.

And heart disease is serious. For instance, an increase in heart attacks cost the United States up to $300 billion per year, and cause one in three deaths. Right now the CDC estimates up to 2 million people may have a heart attack and stroke each year.

Smoking contributes to highest level of preventable deaths


National efforts have also increased in the last decade to reduce the prevalence of smoking, but lung cancer remains the leading preventable cause of death in this country and in the world. Tobacco use also increases the chance a person will get not only cancer, but also have lung disease, a stroke or heart disease.

Medical experts are encouraged by the changes they have seen even through simple steps in certain communities to prevent certain diseases. For instance, some cities have seen huge improvements in children’s health just by adding increased access to safe recreational space by opening public school playgrounds during nonschool hours. Biking trails have also been added in many cities to encourage residents to ride to work or for pleasure. Citizens in Broward County, Florida, have also taken it a step further by adding increased accessibility for walking, riding bikes and using public transportation. And as other cities follow their lead we can expect even greater improvements in health.
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