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Three ways to win SSDI benefits fast

Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “I have a very serious health condition, and I can no longer work. Are there any programs which allow you to win SSDI benefits fast?”

Winning SSDI benefits fast

Although most SSDI claimants who file for disability benefits are denied the first time they apply, there are certain cases which the SSA identifies which are not only automatically approved, but may actually be expedited through the disability review process. Below we will discuss the three easiest ways to win SSDI benefits fast.


  1. Terminal Illness (TERI)

The first type of SSDI cases which can immediately be approved for SSDI benefits are cases in which the claimant is terminally ill. Claimants who have a condition which will result in their eventual death are identified immediately by the Teleservice Center (TSC), Field Office (FO), or the Disability Determination Services (DDS). After the case is identified, the TERI designation remains on the case until the case is closed, and the case is expedited at every step in the SSDI process.

Although there are numerous conditions which can be identified as TERI cases, common conditions can include cancer which is metastatic, heart failure with continuous oxygen and the inability to care for personal needs, or any claimant awaiting a heart transplant or lung transplant.

  1. Compassionate Allowance Program

The second way to win SSDI benefits fast is to have a condition which is listed on the SSA Compassionate Allowance List (CAL). The Compassionate Allowance program allowances the SSA to quickly identify claimants who have a listed condition and medical evidence to support their claim of disability.

Common conditions which are listed on the CAL listing include certain rare diseases, cancers, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke, early-onset Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, multiple organ transplants and autoimmune diseases.

  1. Meeting a Listing for SSDI

The third and final way to win SSDI benefits fast is to have a condition which meets or exceeds a listing on the SSA Listing of Impairments. The SSA Listing of Impairments, also referred to as the SSA Blue Book, is a list of conditions and their related symptoms which the SSA considers automatically disabling.

Claimants who have a listed condition, who meet the nonmedical requirements for SSDI benefits, and who have symptoms which are as severe as the listed symptoms are immediately approved for SSDI benefits.

Winning SSDI benefits fast without meeting any of the above criteria

The options listed above for winning SSDI benefits fast are the easiest and simplest ways to win benefits the first time you apply. Other claimants who do not have conditions which are terminal, on the Compassionate Allowance Listing, or which do not meet a listing can still win SSDI benefits but often their claims are denied the first time they apply, forcing them to prove they cannot work through a medical vocational allowance.

Talk to your doctor or a disability lawyer if you believe your condition may meet the requirements to win SSDI benefits fast.

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