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The 5 Most Common Disability Mistakes Made by Social Security Disability Claimants

Claimants have many questions about how to expedite their Social Security Administration disability benefits but what they need to ask is what common disability mistakes they are making which are delaying or jeopardizing their disability application.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 most common disability mistakes made by Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claimants which make it difficult or impossible to win disability benefits.

 1.    Expecting the Social Security Administration to do all of the work.

On our disability forum we get many questions from disability claimants asking the following questions:

Unfortunately, one of the most common disability mistakes made by disability claimants is expecting the SSA to do all of the work. If you need disability forms, visit the online SSA website and either complete the application online or download your own disability forms. If you have not seen the doctor, got to the doctor and get medical evidence that you are disabled. If you need information about your claim, contact the Social Security Administration.

One way to guarantee that your claim will take a long time to process is to sit and wait for the SSA to do all of the work. Over 2 million claimants applied for disability last year. The SSA is overwhelmed with disability applications, and they are not looking out for your best interest.

 2.    Working too much and making too much money.

Another one of the most common disability mistakes is applying for disability benefits while working and performing substantial gainful activity. If you are performing substantial gainful activity you will be denied benefits regardless of the severity of your health condition. Before you apply for benefits, make sure you understand the disability rules.

Substantial gainful employment does not have to be for pay or profit and can include other substantial activities such asattending school, self-employment (even if you are not making money) and illegal activities.

3.    Failing to get proper medical care.

Another one of the most common disability mistakes made by disability claimants is failing to have medical evidence to support your disability claim. To win disability benefits you will need information proving that your condition is severe, long-term (expected to last for at least 12 continuous months) and so debilitating that you cannot work.

Does the SSA send claimants to an examination? Yes, if they do not have sufficient evidence to prove their claim. This sounds like good news right? Not for most claimants. This evaluation is called a consultative examination and for most claimants it is a very short examination which is generally NOT helpful to claimants.

4.    Applying for benefits over and over and not appealing a denial.

The second most common disability mistake is simply caused by a lack of knowledge about the process. Many claimants do not realize that if they are denied benefits they have the right to file an appeal of the denial decision within 60 days from the date of the denial. Claimants, instead, choose to file their application over and over again without adding additional information to their claim or doing research to clearly understand why they have been denied.

5.    Refusing to consult with a disability lawyer

 The last disability mistake is failing to talk to a disability lawyer. Do you have to hire a disability lawyer to get benefits? No, but disability lawyers understand the disability process, they process hundreds of claims a year and there is no charge for their help unless they win your SSDI or SSI claim.


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