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SSDI benefits- What forms do I have to complete?

Many disability applicants on the disability forum are confused about the best way to start the SSDI process and the forms they will need to complete to initiate the disability determination process. In this blog we will address each of these issues.

How do I apply for SSDI benefits?

The first step in the SSDI application process is to determine whether or not you qualify for SSDI benefits. Review our blog, Social Security Administration Disability Benefits – 5 Steps to begin your benefits for more information about the first five steps you will need to take. If you do not qualify there is no reason to apply and you are simply wasting your time.

Next, you must determine if you want to apply online, in person or over the phone. As you can imagine there are pros and cons of each choice. Online applications can be done quickly and at your own convenience, saving hours waiting at the SSA office, but there is not a good way to get questions answered if you encounter problems in the online application process.

Over the phone interviews can be a good option, but given that over 3 millions applicants applied for disability last year, the wait time to talk to a SSA examiner can be extensive. The same issues are encountered by scheduling a meeting with an SSA examiner. There have been complaints that examiners may not be helpful and getting an appointment may be difficult.

Applying for SSDI benefits- what do I have to do?

Whether you choose to meet with a disability claims representative in person or complete your application online the SSA will ask you to complete a series of forms to initiate your disability claim. Each of the disability forms serves a very specific purpose, and you should complete them honestly and accurately.

Basically, the forms are used to collect information about your mental or physical health condition, your work history, and your activities of daily living. An additional form (the SSA-827 medical release form) is used to request your medical records from your treating sources.

While you are applying for disability benefits and filling out the forms assume that every form is important and take your time.

What forms will I have to complete for my disability application?

  1. Form SSA-3367 – This is the Disability Interview Form which is generally used by the SSA during the disability interview.

  2. Form SSA-3368 – This is the Adult Disability Report which will document the onset date of your disability and the types of medical care you have received for your condition. If you are completing the SSI application for a child you will be required to complete Form SSA-3820, Child Disability Report.

  3. Form SSA-3369 – This form is the Work History Report. According to the SSA this form will help the SSA understand your mental and physical health conditions and how it will affect your ability to work, the kinds of work you did, including the types of skills you needed, and the physical and mental requirements of each job. The SSA will review all the work you have done in the previous 15 years.

  4. Form SSA-3373 – This form is the Adult Function Report and it provides information to the SSA about your activities of daily living.

  5. Form SSA-3380- This form is the Third party function report. This form will allow you to designate a person to outline the restrictions caused by your disability to perform daily tasks.

  6. Form SSA-827- This form is the Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration. This will allow the SSA to request medical information from your treating sources.

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