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SSDI- Why isn't my case being taken seriously?

Why doesn't the SSA care?

Every day on our Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) forum there are disability applicants who are frustrated with the SSA disability application process. Maybe they have waited weeks or months to hear back from the SSA or maybe they have applied multiple times and continue to be denied Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Recently we had an SSDI applicant ask, “Why isn’t my disability application being taken seriously?”

This is a tough question to answer. Does the applicant feel that the SSA is “blowing them off”? Or maybe they are simply frustrated that their SSDI application was denied multiple times. This blog will address a couple of common reasons you may not be getting the response you want from the SSA.

Millions of applicants apply for SSDI and SSI benefits each year

One of the main reasons you may not get the attention you may want or expect from the Social Security Administration is because there are literally millions of applications. The number of applications has also increased substantially in the last few years as the unemployment numbers has increased.

Many workers, who otherwise would try to find a more accommodating occupation, have been unable to find work and have decided to try to get SSDI benefits. This is even more common for older applicants who are competing in the job’s market with younger workers who may not need as many job modifications to complete their work.

With the higher number of applications the SSA simply cannot give each claimant the attention they may need. In fact, there is a greater chance you will find the phone lines clogged and SSA representatives more frazzled and stressed when you do finally get to talk to them.

You do not have a strong SSDI case

Another reason you may not get the attention or “seriousness” you desire is the SSA does not think you are disabled. Maybe your disability will not last 12 continuous months or you do not have sufficient evidence to prove you are disabled, neither of these may true but you might have to proactively gather more medical evidence to strengthen your case.

You are expecting the SSA to do all the work

Another common misconception is that when you apply for SSDI benefits the SSA will call you within a few days, have you come in to the office for some coffee and step by step walk you through the disability process, making sure your application is fully completed. Then they will send you to a disability doctor who will spend hours with you validating your disability. Unfortunately, none of this will happen.

You can call and schedule an appointment with the SSA but their help will be limited (See above where I talk about millions of applications).

The most important thing you can do to improve your chances of winning SSDI benefits is to make sure you have a winning case: validate the disability requirements, make sure you have a long-term condition, make sure you cannot work, and make sure you have adequate medical records to prove you are disabled. The most important thing is that YOU take your case seriously.

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