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SSDI- Same condition as my brother, why can't I get benefits?

Many disability applicants have friends or relatives who get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and many of these individuals may have a condition similar to yours. If you have been denied SSDI but your condition is similar to another person’s you may be wondering why they were able to get SSDI but you were not. This blog will address several reasons that you may have been denied.

Not enough work credits for SSDI

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is paid to workers who have worked and earned what the Social Security Administration calls “work credits.” To earn work credits you must have paid into the SSA system. If you have not worked enough or paid enough and the work has not been recent enough you will be denied SSDI benefits, regardless of the severity of your disabling condition.

So if your brother, aunt, sister’s cousin got SSDI and you didn’t, it could be because they had a disabling health condition but they also worked enough to earn work credits to be insured and you did not.

You did not prove your condition is severe enough to get SSDI

To qualify for SSDI you must also prove that you have a severe health condition which is expected to last for 12 continuous months and does not allow you to perform what the SSA calls substantial gainful activity (SGA). Let’s assume you and your brother have both been diagnosed with diabetes.

You may have diabetes but the disease has not progressed. In fact, by monitoring your blood and taking the right injections you are able to function and perform your work activities. Now, let’s say for arguments sake that your brother’s condition has progressed and he now experiences loss of appetite, and nerve damage in his lower extremities and he is in a wheel chair. He is also experiencing a disruption in bowel and bladder function. Finally, he has had a heart attack.

Both you and your brother have diabetes, but your condition is managed while his is not. He therefore would have a greater chance of proving that he is unable to do SGA work.

Your medical records are poor or incomplete

Another issue that can keep many Social Security Disability (SSDI ) recipients from getting benefits is there medical records. Many claimants have seen a doctor, but their medical records are either incomplete, not legible or they fail to clearly identify why they, the claimant, cannot work.

So let’s now assume that you and your brother both have diabetes and the condition’s severity is exactly the same. Let’s then consider that he has great medical records that clearly outline why he cannot work, his symptoms and his diagnosis. Then let’s assume your medical records have a diagnosis but your doctor has failed to run the proper tests or produce lab work to substantiate the severity of your case.

You could have been denied simply because you did not have good medical records. In this case you need to review your medical records, talk to a disability lawyer and find out what other information could strengthen your case.

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