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Disability lawyer- Denied for disability twice will they help?

Can a disability lawyer help me?

Many Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are completely frustrated with the disability process and wonder why they continue to be denied time and time again. Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “If I was denied twice can a disability lawyer help me win SSDI or SSI benefits?” The answer is it depends on why you were denied.

When will a disability lawyer not take my disability case?

Probably the first question that needs to be asked is not whether or not you can get approved with a lawyer’s help after two SSDI or SSI denials but rather will the lawyer even take your case. Disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, and lawyers will not take your case if they do not think they can win.

So, if you do not meet the most basic requirements for SSDI or SSI: your condition will not last 12 continuous months, you do not have enough work credits for SSDI, your condition is not severe, or you are working too much, the lawyer will simply decline to help you.

Why were you denied SSDI and SSI?

There are many SSDI and SSI applicants that will never be approved for SSDI or SSI benefits. It’s frustrating for everyone involved when a claimant does not do enough research to understand the basic requirements for disability and simply applies multiple times. Not only does this clog up the disability system, it also extends the wait time for legitimate applicants.

What do you need to do before you talk to a disability lawyer? You need to carefully review your denial letter and find out why you were denied. If the SSA states you do not have enough work credits for SSDI than you may be able to get SSI, but you will never be approved for SSDI unless you go back to work and earn more credits.

What if the SSA says your condition is not severe enough or you can work another job? Assuming you meet all of the other nonmedical requirements, it may be possible for a disability lawyer to review your medical records and develop an argument, supported by great medical proof, that you cannot work another job and your condition is, in fact, severe.

Many very disabled SSDI and SSI applicants have been denied multiple times simply because they do not have the right information to present to the SSA. In this case, a disability lawyer can help.

What stage am I likely to be approved for SSDI or SSI benefits?

If you have been denied twice and you have requested a disability hearing this can be the ideal time to hire a lawyer. Disability lawyers have argued hundreds of cases, many just like yours, and understand the type of information needed to prove you cannot work at a substantial level.

Don’t wait too long to contact a disability lawyer. Most lawyers need at least six weeks to review your disability case and prepare for court.
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