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SSA - Why don't they care about my disability claim?

Before I get on the case of the Social Security Administration I would like to point out that there are hundreds of dedicated Social Security Administration workers who go to work every day and do a great job. But a continuing theme I hear in our disability forum from claimants is that they are frustrated by the general lack of care and attention that is given to their SSI and SSDI claim and they want to know, “Why doesn’t the SSA care about my disability case?”

So this blog will discuss some of the most common reasons I believe that we have seen an increased indifference in the attitude of government employees.

 1.    There are millions of disability applications every year.

Due to the number of SSI and SSDI applications that are sent to the SSA each year I think that anyone in any organization or company would be overwhelmed. Over 2.5 million individuals filed for Social Security Disability benefits last year. With unemployment on the rise, the SSA has seen a dramatic increase in application this year too.

I believe processing all of these claims is incredibly daunting to the limited number of SSA representatives, and some of the time the frustration of the SSA workers may be present when they interact with disability applicants.

2.    Many claimants apply for disability benefits and do not meet even the most basic requirements.

Among the millions of SSI and SSDI applications which are submitted to the SSA each year are thousands of applications that do not meet even the most basic requirements of SSI or SSDI. With just thirty minutes of research most claimants could have found out that they do not qualify for disability benefits.

What does this mean for the SSA? This means that many SSA representatives are spending countless hours sifting through SSI or SSDI applications that should never have been submitted. I am guessing that this is extremely frustrating.

3.    Disability claimants do not accurately fill out the disability applications.

Now whether the laziness or the inability of the claimant to accurately complete a SSI or SSDI application should frustrate an SSA representative may be subject to some discussion, most of the time this should not happen. With a little extra care, most disability applicants can make the SSA representative’s job a lot easier.

These are just three reasons the SSA may not care about your application. Obviously, we did not even touch on the general inefficiency of any government organization, the difficulty of firing unproductive workers or whether or not many of the SSA representatives have the skills to work in customer service, we simply discussed the current problems facing many government workers.

What can you do to make the situation better?

Find out about the process before you apply. If you do not meet the basic requirements of either SSI or SSDI do not apply.

Expect that the process is going to take some time. Be patient. There are thousands of claimants who are in the exact situation you are in waiting for a decision too.
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