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Part II Back pain cures offered by new CNN report

On a recent disability blog we discussed methods to alleviate back pain. Back pain and severe back conditions such as herniated disc, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and spinal deformities are some of the most common reasons claimants request Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). For that reason we will address new information which was provided by CNN by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj to alleviate back pain and steps which may keep you from ever experiencing these debilitating conditions.

What does the CNN report suggest about back pain?

According to recent reports from CNN one of the most common reasons that claimants may experience back pain is due to poor posture, more specifically slouching. Many individuals are surprised to find that common back issues and back pain can begin as early as 29 years of age.

Why is slouching one of the main culprits of back pain? According to reports, the spine is “part of the central nervous system, along with the brain, and relies on the peripheral nervous system: the millions of nerves that send messages to the brain that control the body's functions.” If your spine is unhealthy or curved in an unnatural position this can lead to a variety of conditions including numbness, pain, impaired breathing and digestion issues.

What does the good doctor say about alleviating back pain?

 1.      Make sure you have good posture

Mom’s words to stand up straight were actually more important than most of us realized. Aligning your shoulders with your ears and standing up straight is critical to your spine health. Good posture may also help alleviate depression, limit weight gain, and reduce heartburn, migraines and anxiety.

2.      Breathe properly

Doctors suggest making sure you inhale and exhale deeply. To make sure you are doing the exercise properly you can place your hands on your stomach and feel your stomach move in and out. Do this as many times as you can each day.

3.      Strengthen your core muscles

Whether its yoga or simply abdomen and back strengthening movements a little exercise each day can help target your core muscles and strengthen your back. For a full body work out try to do push-ups which can strengthen the spinal and postural muscles.

4.      Eat a well-balanced diet.

It’s no surprise eating lean proteins, healthy fats and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal for building muscles that support the spine. Many doctors also suggest adding a multivitamin, B-complex and Omega-3s.

5.      Get sun every day and a good night’s sleep.

Doctors have warned for years about overexposure to the sun, but new studies suggest that avoiding the sun can increase certain types of cancers, many of which can be more dangerous than some types of skin cancers. The bottom line: your body needs vitamin D, which is generated by sunlight, to strengthen your bones. Try to spend 10 to 20 minutes in sunlight daily.

Finally, getting the right amount of sleep is critical to overall health. Create an environment which is calm and allows for comfortable sleep.

Take the right steps and maybe you can avoid severe back conditions, a common condition which leads to needing Social Security Disability Insurance.
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