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Obamacare enrollment numbers much worse than predicted

Even the most liberal political pundits have been forced to admit that the roll-out for Obamacare has been abysmal, but now that the Obamacare enrollment numbers have been released it’s even worse than we have been led to believe. According to reports, the federal health care exchange signed up less than 27,000 people. Larger numbers, an estimated 106,185 people, have “selected a Marketplace plan” using the exchanges.

As if that weren’t enough, an estimated five million people have lost their insurance and millions more may lose theirs in the future (especially when the employer mandate kicks in next year) or have their premiums increased as insurance companies struggle to create affordable plans which contain the mandatory provisions created under the new law.

Obamacare enrollment by state?

So which states have seen the highest number of Obamacare enrollment? According to USA Today, “Obamacare enrollmentis highest in California where 35,364 people have selected a plan; New York Obamacare enrollment came in second at 16,404; Washington Obamacare enrollment came in third at 7,091; and Kentucky Obamacare enrollment came in at 5,586.”

Despite repeated attempts by the HHS to make the Obamacare enrollment sound like a victory over the last thirty days, once the Obamacare enrollment numbers came in there was no way left to spin the truth. The enrollment numbers fell dramatically below what was expected. What is even more distressing is how few people have signed up for a plan using the Marketplaces. Although over a million people have received information and an estimated 846,184 applications were completed, only 106,000 actually enrolled.

Of course, there has never been a more optimistic bunch than HHS management. Even this number of enrollees was considered a “victory” because they so many people had contacted the exchanges to “get information about their eligibility.”

Does the left want Obamacare to fail?

Many on the left have had no qualms about pushing for a single payer system or “public option.” But the idea remains so unpopular with much of the American public it seems some believe that the plan all along was to crash the entire system so it can be re-built into a single payer system or socialized medicine before the American public realized what has happened.

Could it be done? Of course, and that’s what many are hoping. We voted for a man that promised a fundamental transformation in America. Guess what? You’ve gotten it- crushing environmental regulations, IRS scandals, cover-ups, and the NSA spying on you (not just Obama’s fault, arguably this has been going on for many years). And now we have a take-over of the health care system.

Everyone loves the idea that everyone can get all the medical care they want and need, but no one talks about how much it costs or who will pay for it. They also don’t talk about medical care in countries that currently have socialized medicine. For example, many Canadian citizens come south to avoid the long waits for some procedures. They also don't talk about how socialized medicine is likely to shrink our doctor population, exacerbate scarcity of medical care,  extend waiting times, and require dramatic increases in taxes to fund it.
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