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Obama administration claims health care website improved

The Obama administration has announced they have met their goal to improve the problematic website. According to reports, they have been feverishly working on the site for the last thirty days and now claim the site has been “vastly improved.”

According to Obama administration officials, the capacity of the site has been increased allowing for more than “800,000 users daily with an error rate of less than 1 percent.” They also have fixed approximately 400 system errors. According to Fox News, users of the system will now receive information if they attempt to log on to the site when the site is at maximum capacity.  Messages will now appear that the user has entered an “advanced queuing system that will give them an expected wait time, or allow them to be notified via when they can return to the site.” The site also can handle at least 50,000 users at one time without crashing.

The Obama administration conceded early in the roll-out schedule that the roll-out had been what one White House spokesman termed “disastrous,” but now it is “night and day from what it was.” The Obama administration, however, agrees that there is much work to do.

What do the political parties say?

According to politicians on both sides of the aisle, the roll-out was an “unmitigated political disaster.” And just because some top computer experts have been called in to work on the system does not mean that everything is rosy in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, many of the system’s processes continue to malfunction. Security experts have also warned that even if the functionality is vastly improved, the security of the system is in question. For instance, some analysts claim that the system’s security “doesn’t meet the minimum standards of the private sector.”

Even Democrats are frustrated by the bungled roll-out but have been critical of the Republicans for not being willing to pull together to fix the problems. Republicans counter that the legislation to create the Affordable Care Act was passed without Republican support or input and it seems hypocritical to ask for their support now.

What has the Obama Administration done?

With concerns that the mandatory enrollment could hurt Democrats in mid-term elections, the Obama Administration has also pushed back the enrollment deadline for individuals to December 23. They have also pushed back the mandate for businesses to provide health insurance to workers to avoid a penalty. The deadline is now in 2015.  The enrollment schedule will also be pushed back a month later than planned allowing for an additional five weeks of enrollment. It will start on Nov. 15, 2014, and finish on Jan. 15, 2015.

Work-a-rounds for Obamacare

The Obama administration has had to concede that the website is not fully operational and has made an announcement that they would allow some insurance companies the ability to interact directly with consumers instead of forcing them to enter their data through the federally run exchange website. The plan, which will be used first in Ohio, Florida and Texas, is just one way consumers are trying to get access to affordable healthcare without going to the failed website.

“This is one more way we are working to offer consumers a variety of ways to enroll in affordable coverage,” agency spokeswomen Julie Bataille said in announcing the pilot project. “By strengthening the multiple channels to enroll in quality, affordable coverage … we are ensuring that every American who wants it can gain access to these new coverage options.”
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