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SSDI Need proof of my disorder for the SSA

Winning SSDI with a second disability application

It’s not unusual for many Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants to lack sufficient medical proof for their disorder. Recently on our disability forum we had an applicant ask, “If I applied for SSDI before but got denied because I did not have enough medical evidence what do I do if I apply a second time? Will I continue to be denied if I don’t have medical evidence that I cannot work?”

What does the Social Security Administration need to determine you are disabled?

How does the SSA decide if you are disabled? The simplest answer is they really just care whether or not your condition is so severe that you cannot perform substantial gainful activity (SGA) or work.

To make this determination they ask several questions and review your most current medical records. At issue for many claimants is that they lack the medical evidence to prove they are disabled, and even if they have a severe health condition they continue to be denied again and again because they cannot prove they are disabled.

What is the SSDI disability process?

First to determine disability the SSA will ask a series of questions. They will determine if you are currently working and making too much money, if your condition is severe, if it will last 12 continuous months and if you are not working could you work your old job or retrain for a new job.

But how can the SSA answer these question if you have no medical evidence which states your diagnosis, your prognosis or the limitations of your condition? The answer is simple, they can’t and because they can’t they may choose to send you to a consultative examiner for more information or they may deny your case.

How can I get medical care without any money?

The most common question asked by SSDI applicants who lack medical evidence is, “How can I see a doctor if I have no money?” Although new changes in governmental medical care may make it easier for some applicants to get medical care in the future as of now it can be very tough, especially if you have been out of work for months and don’t have health insurance.

My answer, which is not good, is do the best you can. Go to a minor emergency center and try to begin to establish a relationship with someone at the practice. Tell them that you need good medical evidence that you cannot work and see what they can provide for you. The SSA is looking for doctor’s notes, laboratory tests, x-rays, MRIs and CT scans which support your condition. Make sure your doctor provides detailed information within your medical files which clearly states your work limitations.

Proving a disability is not easy. You will have to show that you have gotten good medical care and you have followed your doctor’s treatment plan but you continue to lack the ability to work

Bottom Line to win SSDI

If you apply for SSDI a second time and you lack sufficient medical evidence to prove you are disabled the SSA will continue to deny your SSDI disability claim.

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