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More Money for my disability

If I get SSDI can I get more money or benefits?

If you have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) you may find that although you are grateful for funds you get each month with inflation and the high cost of goods and gas it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay your living expenses each month. Recently on our disability forum we had a user ask, “Can I get more money for SSDI or other benefits?”

Getting more money for SSDI

Because the SSA does not offer any type of partial disability benefits if you are getting SSDI you are getting all the funds you are entitled to receive, you will not get more money. It also will not matter if your condition becomes more severe over the course of your lifetime, you are still getting the maximum you are entitled to receive.

If I can’t get more money can I get other benefits?

While you might qualify for housing assistance or some other type of federal benefit such as food stamps, many SSDI recipients find that their payments may be too high to get general federal benefits.

Other options offered at the state or city level

Now more than ever there are options for claimants with limited funds. In our city we have dozens of thrift shops, Craigslist, and resale shops where items can be found at a fraction of their retail prices.

Additionally, local churches offer a variety of services for low income families such as food pantries, resale shops and charities at Christmas for low cost or free presents.

Some applicants can also qualify for housing assistance through the Housing and Urban Development administration (HUD). HUD offer public housing assistance, Section 8 Housing and privately owned subsidized housing. Contact HUD or visit their website for more information about what is offered in your city.

Medical benefits offered through SSDI provide more money for insurance

Another benefit of SSDI that you may not have received but will receive shortly is Medicare. With the high price of medical insurance Medicare is one of the greatest benefits of receiving SSDI benefits. Claimants who are approved for SSDI will receive Medicare 24 months from the date of their disability.

If you do not have Medicare yet it may be just a matter of time until you will get it. Talk to the Social Security Administration if you have questions about your insurance options.

Can Family and Friends help provide more money?

Although none of us like to rely on family and friends if you are in a crisis you may be able to ask a family member or friend for a loan. Get the loan in writing and commit to a payment plan.

Have you created a budget to provide your family with more money?

If you are not used to living within a set budget it may be time to start. Get with a financial planner and outline a budget for yourself and your family. If you are still buying beer, cigarettes, cell phone service, cable television, etc. you may still have expenses you can cut. It is time to get serious about living within a budget.
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