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ObamaCare Hub stores Millions of Americans personal information

New reports have surfaced from the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) exposing just how vast the government's data collection efforts will be for millions of Americans as a result of ObamaCare. Now Sen. Max Baucus, a democrat from Montana, has asked the Health and Human Services Department to provide a list of agencies who will have access to information collected via the Federal Data Services Hub.

The HHS is beginning to provide information about the Hub, which is a data collection area for the insurance exchanges. Data collected in the Hub will help them examine claimants and decide if they are eligible for benefits, federal subsidies or if they are exempted from the federal mandate.

Concerns about the Hub and data accessible to seven other agencies

Most concerning for many privacy advocacy groups is the information that the Hub will allow other agencies to have access to data collected through Obamacare. According to the HHS, there are seven other groups including the IRS, Department of Homeland Security, the Veterans Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Defense, the Social Security Administration and the Peace Corps who will have access to the Hub.

Some are calling the Hub a secretive way for the U.S. Government to consolidate more personal data about you and me than has ever been consolidated into one centralized location in the history of the United States. What types of data are we talking about? Information could include Social Security numbers, income, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, and enrollment status in other health plans, according to the HHS.

Obama Administration says not to worry

As if this should alleviate all of our concerns, the Obama administration is telling U.S. citizens not to worry. The information will not be stored, it will simply be transmitted. But insiders claim this is not true. Information has surfaced that the government plans to create a system of records that will store information for millions of people who apply for Obamacare coverage and keep the data for up to 10 years.

What should be of even more concerning is the Federal Government believes they have the authority, not only to gather and store the data, but also to disclose the information to a variety of other sources, including agency contractors, consultants, or grantees who are helping to run ObamaCare.

Concerns about doctor/patient Relationships

Privacy issues are also a concern when we discuss the intimate and professional relationship most patients expect with their doctor. The doctor-patient relationship is a very private relationship, and many would argue the government does not need to know what medications you take or personal information about your health issues. This information, which can be misused, does not need to be stored in databanks.

With the latest controversies including the IRS targeting right-wing groups, the NSA’s spying activities and a host of other controversial issues, both Republicans and Democrats should be leery of the Government gathering data on them and storing it to be misused by future administrations.
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