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Knee Pain - Simple steps to combat knee pain and find relief

Knee pain is a common problem, especially for the elderly. But what do you do for pain which comes on gradually, over weeks or months. Sometimes individuals procrastinate, hoping the pain goes away, but medical experts suggest it is a good idea to see a doctor if the pain has lasted for more than a few weeks. Seeing a doctor ensures a correct diagnoses and effective treatment plan.

What do you do if you have osteoarthritis and your knee pain is due to the wear and tear on your joints? The good news is there may be a variety of treatment options for you, but seeking medical attention sooner rather than later makes it simpler for the doctor to treat your condition.

Knee Pain first treatment options

Due to the increased costs of medical care and better treatment options, your doctor is likely to suggest treatment steps which are less invasive than surgery, especially if you have just started experiencing knee pain.

Although many patients are disappointed when they go to the doctor and do not get immediate help, some of the best solutions to knee pain may be ones that will take a little time and effort. What’s the most common suggestion for many patients? It’s changes in lifestyle such as losing weight. The extra 30 pounds you are carrying may not seem like a big deal to you, but it could be to your knees. Experts suggest for every pound you carry you are adding as much as six pounds of pressure on your knees when they’re in motion.

Athletes who are experiencing knee pain may be at an ideal weight but may be performing activities which are aggravating their knee pain. Should you stop all exercise? Probably not, especially since exercise can increase your range of motion and flexibility, but you may need to modify your workouts and make sure the exercises you are doing are not as taxing on your knees.

What about physical therapy?

Another common option is alleviate knee pain is to go to physical therapy. Before you make an audible groan, consider, physical therapy can be specifically tailored to your needs and can be used to build muscle and strength in your legs which will take the load off your knee joints. If physical therapy is not a good option there are also a variety of other noninvasive treatment options that you can discuss with your doctor including medication. Common medication which is prescribed for knee pain includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

Last Resort Treatment Options

Finally, if nothing else helps the doctor may recommend more invasive treatment options such as injections. The most popular injection is viscosupplementation, which is injections of hyaluronic acid, a natural lubricant found in most tissues. Another option is corticosteroid injections, which may provide immediate relief for pain relief.

Finally, the most aggressive treatment option for knee pain is joint replacement. This is generally only recommended if patients have tried other pain relief options and they have been unsuccessful. A knee replacement is common for individuals who can do no longer perform simple tasks, such as walking or going up or down stairs, and for those who experience constant knee pain.
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