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Immediate SSI Payments for Children

Have you heard the horror stories about the months and years that disability claimants have to wait to receive their first Social Security Disability payment? Maybe you have just had a child with a severe physical health condition and due to high medical costs you are facing a financial crisis.

There may be good news for you and your family. The Social Security Administration acknowledges that there is a heavy backlog for many disability claimants and it can take some disability determination service offices weeks or months to make disability determinations. The SSA has, however, instituted an expedited determination process for many claimants who have certain types of severe medical cases.

If your child has one of the severe health conditions listed below, they may be eligible for immediate Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. The Social Security Administration will provide up to 6 months of Supplemental Security Income payments to a disabled child who has the following health conditions:

Receiving an expedited payment does not guarantee that your child will be awarded permanent SSI payments. The DDS may eventually determine that your child’s condition is not severe enough to meet the criteria for SSI and they may stop payments. If the SSA determines your child does not qualify for Supplemental Security Income they will not require the expedited SSI payments to be repaid.

How does my child qualify for Supplemental Security Income?

The Social Security Administration may consider a child under the age of 18 as disabled if they have a medical or mental impairment or a combination of conditions, which result in severe functional limitations that are expected to result in death, or that are expected to be continuous for at least twelve months.

To prove your child is disabled you will need to provide medical evidence to prove that they are unable to do activities that are appropriate for a child who is the same age and they are severely limited in their ability to function.

Your family must also have VERY limited income and resources.

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