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How much does a Social Security Disability Lawyer make?

Social Security Disability lawyer’s salary will vary based on the number of Social Security Disability cases they handle each year. Some Social Security Disability attorneys can make a substantial amount of money, but what you are most likely interested in is how much money you will have to pay them to accept and win your Social Security Disability case.

It is important to understand that Social Security Disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and will not be paid by their clients unless they win the case. Most Social Security Disability lawyers will not take Social Security Disability cases they do not think they have a chance to win.

The Federal government has capped the amount of money that the disability lawyer can win and periodically updates this amount. In 2010 the maximum allowed is 25% of a Social Security Disability claimant’s back pay or a maximum of $6,000 per case. Do all disability claimants have back pay? Most disability claimants will have a certain amount of back pay due to the length of time it takes the Social Security Administration to process Social Security Disability claims.

The fee charged by the Social Security Disability lawyer may not be the only costs for accepting a disability claim. There may be additional “processing fees” which can include any out of pocket expenses the disability attorney incurs. One of the most common expenses is for requesting medical records for the claimant. Almost all medical sources will charge for reprinting a claimant’s medical records. This cost may be incurred by the attorney who will try to recoup it from their disability claimant. Disability lawyers may also charge their clients costs to travel to and from the Social Security Disability Administrative hearing. If you are unsure about what a Social Security Disability lawyer may charge it is important to finalize these details before signing the fee agreement.

Before deciding whether or not to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer you need to consider not only the cost of hiring them, but also what benefit a Social Security Disability attorney may offer. The real question is not cost, but can you win your Social Security Disability claim without hiring an attorney.

The Social Security Disability process can take a long time, and the Social Security Administration will need detailed medical information from you. Most claimants are denied at both the initial application level and the Reconsideration level which means they eventually will have to attend a disability hearing and plead their case to an Administrative Law Judge. Are you ready to plead your claim? Do you understand the Social Security Disability hearing procedures? Have you reviewed your medical records? Are you sure your medical records provide evidence that you are unable to perform substantial gainful activity?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you are not ready to argue your Social Security Disability claim before an Administrative Law Judge. It is time to contact a Social Security Disability lawyer for help.