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Getting your Social Security Statement Online

Claimants who are working and paying into the Social Security system should be receiving an annual statement each year called their Statement of Earnings or informally  their Social Security Statement.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="English: In the United States, Social Security benefits compared for younger vs. older workers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"]English: In the United States, Social Security...[/caption]

This statement provides an estimated projection of the amount of reduced SSA retirement benefits the worker can expect to receive if they retire at age 62 or if their estimated full retirement amount if they wait until their full retirement age (which varies based on the worker’s date of birth). The statement also details the estimated payment for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for the worker if they become disabled and are unable to work and the amount of Child and survivor benefits that their dependents may receive if they die, become disabled or retire.

The SSA will also list the amount of the worker’s earnings and the contributions which have been paid by their employer. Generally, the Social Security Statements are sent when the worker reaches 25 years of age and are mailed three months before the worker’s birthday.

Getting your Social Security Statement Online

In the past the disability applicant had to rely exclusively on their paper statement to find an estimated payment amount for their SSDI benefits. If the worker was unsure of their estimated SSDI payment, they did not know if they had enough work credits to qualify for SSDI or they needed a new statement they would have to contact the SSA and request a new statement. In recent months the SSA had declined to reproduce new statements for applicants due to “budget constraints.”

But there is good news from the SSA.Now you can get your Social Security Statement online. Through the online statement generation process the SSA website lists the following information which is immediately available to workers:

If you would like a printable statement or any of the information listed above you will have to create an account with the SSA by going to After the account is created you will have continuous access to the information outlined above.

Keep in mind, you must be prepared to give the SSA personal information about yourself and create a username and password. The SSA warns that if you are attempting to access another person’s account or if you misrepresent someone else this can be considered a criminal offense.

Why is this process useful?

Many applicants wonder how they can know if they are eligible for SSDI benefits. The first step to find out if you meet the nonmedical requirements of SSDI is to review your Statement of Earnings and make sure it outlines your estimated SSDI benefit. If it states that you do not qualify for SSDI because you do not have sufficient work credits for SSDI than there is no reason to apply for SSDI because you will be automatically denied.
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