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Foods - the top 5 you should avoid according to experts

It’s fall and it’s time to put away the bathing suits and grab the sweaters, but if you want to avoid putting on a hefty ten pounds this fall and stay healthy it may be time to skip certain foods. So what do the experts say? According to nutritionist, there are certain foods that we should avoid altogether.

What are the top five foods to avoid?

1. Artificial Sweeteners

According to experts, artificial sweeteners may seem like a good way to curb calories, but they can actually “reset” your taste buds and make it more likely you will crave other sugary foods. So if you skip the regular soda with natural sugar and grab the diet drink instead it’s likely you may compensate with eating other unhealthy foods.

Why are they so bad? “The methanol formed in aspartame can wreak havoc with sensitive proteins and DNA in your body, as humans do not have the protective mechanism that allows methanol to be broken down into harmless formic acid.”

2. Margarine

It seems our grandmothers had it right. Although margarine seems like a great alternative to real butter it, experts now know it has loads of trans fats, which increase your cholesterol. What should you eat instead? Eat a small amount of butter or choose heart-healthy olive oil instead.

3. Frozen Dinners

Frozen dinners may seem like a great alternative to cooking or fast food, but unfortunately, most of them are heavily processed and filled with fat and salt. Experts are less critical of frozen fruits and veggies, however, as long as you search for options without added sauces or salt.

4. Deli Meats

This choice is a bit more controversial, but experts note that many types of deli meats are made from animals given growth hormones, antibiotics and other veterinary drugs. It’s better to choose fresh organically-raised grass-fed or pastured meats, or wild caught salmon when available.

5. Vegetable Oils

According to experts, “Vegetable oils are highly processed, and when consumed in large amounts, they distort the important omega-6 to omega-3 ratio.” What should you use instead? Coconut oil is best for cooking as it is not very susceptible to heat damage, but if you are having a salad olive oil can be a great choice. Experts note olive oil can also easily be damaged by heat and is best used cold.

As more and more research has been done it is becoming increasingly clear that if God didn’t make it, you shouldn’t eat it. What does this mean? Even if you don’t believe in God it’s important to eat foods which are as close to their natural state as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats (grown naturally without hormones), and fresh fish still remain the best food source for our bodies.

Eating healthy, maintaining your weight and getting the right amount of sleep can help improve your chances of remaining fit and active throughout your life.
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