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Emergency Social Security Disability Payments

Many claimants have waited weeks or months to receive disability and they are facing a financial crisis.  Many claimants need help right now and wonder if the SSA ever provides emergency wage replacement assistance.

According to the SSA they can start disability payments more quickly than usual in four different types of situations. If you have questions about whether or not you meet the criteria outlined below, contact one of our disability lawyers or call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

Presumptive disability (PD) or presumptive blindness (PB) payment

If the SSA determines you have a presumptive disability which can include amputation of a leg at the hip, allegation of total deafness; that is, no sound perception in either ear; allegation of total blindness; that is, no light perception in either eye; allegation of bed confinement and immobility without a wheelchair, walker, or crutches, allegedly due to a longstanding condition excluding recent accident and recent surgery; allegation of stroke (cerebral vascular accident) more than three months in the past and continued marked difficulty in walking or using a hand or arm; allegation of cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or muscular atrophy and marked difficulty in walking (for example the use of braces), speaking, or coordination of the hands or arms; allegation of Down syndrome; allegation of severe mental deficiency made by another individual filing on behalf of a claimant who is at least 7 years of age, etc.

Emergency advance payment

Under certain conditions the SSA will make an emergency payment to new applicants who face a severe financial emergency and who are due SSI benefits which they have not received or have been delayed. The SSA defines financial emergency as any need for money, which if not received could threaten the claimant’s health or safety (food, clothing, shelter or medical care). The SSA only makes one emergency payment.

Immediate payment

The Social Security Administration may be able to make an immediate payment to new applicants and those already receiving SSI whose benefits are delayed or not received and who face a financial emergency. The immediate payment cannot be higher than $999.00.

Expedited reinstatement cases

Expedited payments may be made to workers who were receiving disability benefits but who attempted to work but their earnings were too high and they lost their Social Security Disability benefits. Under this condition, the claimant’s benefits may be reinstated without filing a new application. Who qualifies for an expedited reinstatement? Claimants who stopped receiving SSI because their earnings from work were too high, they were unable to work due to an impairment that is the same or related to the impairment which allowed them to get benefits before and the expedited reinstatement is made within five years from the month their benefits ended.

What is the best way to expedite payments if you do not meet any of the qualifications listed above? Contact a disability lawyer and have them review your disability claim. If you would like a disability attorney to review your claim you can fill out the FREE evaluation form and a disability advocate will call you to review your claim or you can call our office at 1-800-641-3759 to talk to someone now.