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Do chances improve with second application?

Many Social Security disability claimants want to know if they have been denied  SSDI and SSI benefits in the past if their chances of winning benefits will improve with the second application. The answer is it depends on why you were denied SSDI and SSI and what you have done to improve your SSDI or SSI application. If you have not investigated why were denied and fixed the problem, your chances of denial are the same as they were the first time you applied.

The bottom line is, if you did not “fix” whatever was wrong with your case before applying a second time you will be denied a second time. So let’s investigate what you should have done after the first denial.

  1. Understand why you were denied.

Many disability applicants who apply for SSDI, for instance, are denied because they do not have enough work credits to qualify. In this particular denial the applicant does not meet the basic nonmedical requirements of the SSDI program, and they will be denied automatically again and again no matter how many times they apply.

To increase the odds that you will be approved in the scenario outlined above you would have to return to work to accumulate more credits. The other option would be for this claimant to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which does not require an applicant to have work credits to qualify.

2.    Denied SSDI for insufficient medical evidence

What if you have enough work credits for SSDI but you did not have enough medical evidence to support the claim that you were denied and unable to work. Or what if you had gone to the doctor but you did not follow their medical treatment plan?

Now, let’s assume that you applied and were denied for the reason listed above, but before you applied for SSI or SSDI a second time, you went and saw all the proper doctors and specialists and began to take the right medications or therapy treatments. And let’s suppose that over time your medical records had sufficient medical evidence to now prove that you were not able to perform substantial gainful activity, if at this time you reapplied you have greatly improved your chances of being approved.

3.    Denied for SSI because your resources and income are too high

If you applied for SSI you can be denied if your income, your spouse’s income or your resources are too high. As you are unable to work it is likely that your resource levels might decrease below the allowable limit for SSI. If at this time you reapplied and met this criteria for getting SSI your chances of winning with a second application would in fact improve, assuming you met all the other criteria of the SSI program.

In Conclusion

So what is the answer to the question, “Do chances improve with second application?" Unfortunately, this is not really the right question. Claimants should make sure they understand why they were denied SSI or SSDI benefits and fix the issue BEFORE applying again; that will improve their chances of getting approved on their second application.
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