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Disability recipients out paces the population of Greece

For those disability recipients who are truly disabled, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be a life-saver. Both programs are offered by the Social Security Administration for individuals who have a severe health condition and who are unable to work. The primary difference between the two programs is that SSDI is specifically for workers who have paid into the SSA system, while SSI is for claimants who have not worked or who lack sufficient work credits and who also have very limited income or resources.

CNSNews reports that now for the first time the total number disability recipients in the United States now outnumbers the total population of Greece which is 10,772,967, according to the Central Intelligence Agency. That’s right, the number of disability recipients has reached an all-time high reaching 10,982,920 in November, up from the previous record of 10,978,040 set in May (according to the Social Security Administration).

How do the numbers break down for disability recipients?

Disability recipients aren’t only comprised of disabled workers. It also includes a record 1,883,594 children of disabled workers, and 157,666 spouses of disabled workers. The SSA also reports that the number of disabled workers has steadily increased for over 200 months. The number has not decreased since January 1997, decreasing by 249 workers.

What has caused the increase in disability recipients?

There are several reasons that SSDI has seen such a continued increase in disability recipients. But the two main reasons are that the population is steadily aging and job options have been limited for years for many workers. An aging population means that workers, who do get laid-off, may decide that their deteriorating health condition may make it difficult to find work. They may also decide that a condition they have had for years may make it difficult to retrain for new work. It’s a fact that the elderly have an easier time qualifying for SSDI benefits because they can more easily prove that they cannot retrain for new work.

How does employment affect SSDI benefits? As unemployment rises and unemployment benefits are exhausted, more and more claimants will decide to file for SSDI. Many of them are denied, but some are approved.

Disability lawyers have also entered the fray. And disability lawyers know how to help claimants, who otherwise would not have been approved, get disability benefits. Some disability recipients, who in the past would have simply applied and been denied, have now hired lawyers and apply multiple times or appeal until they win their case.

Not all disability recipients are really disabled

The truth is the disability system is needed for the most severely disabled claimants, but unfortunately, the system is filled with a certain amount of fraud and abuse. Work needs to be done to ensure the system is used properly and as it is intended. More work also needs to be done to help claimants return to the workforce when possible. Only when these things are done can we start to see our disability rolls decrease.
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