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Disability lawyer will not call me back, help!

Social Security disability applicants may have to wait months or years to receive disability benefits. In fact, up to 70% of claimants are denied the first time they file their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application. If you appealed your case it is likely you have hired a Social Security Disability lawyer to help you with the appeal’s process. But what do you do when you cannot get your disability lawyer to call you back or answer questions about your disability case?

What is my disability lawyer doing?


If you have hired a disability lawyer they can help you with a variety of tasks related to your disability appeal, but most of their work starts when your disability hearing has been scheduled before the administrative court judge.

Prior to the hearing, they will review your medical records, determine if more records are needed to substantiate your case, and prepare your case for trial. They should contact you at least two weeks before your trial and answer your questions about the case. Because most attorneys are assigned disability cases across the country they may not meet with claimants in person prior to the date of the hearing.

If you have not met with your disability lawyer in person it may feel like your lawyer is not ready to argue your case, sometimes this is true. Generally, however, disability lawyers have handled hundreds of cases similar to yours, and they generally know what they will have to prove to win your case.

So why won’t your disability lawyer call you? The answer is simple- they are probably working dozens of other cases and they are VERY busy. Ideally, however, your lawyer should respond to all of your questions and calls in a timely manner.

When should you panic? If you have not heard from your lawyer and your hearing is less than a week away, you have a problem. Call someone now.

Why won’t my disability lawyer meet with me?


Although disability applicants may want a one on one meeting prior to the hearing date, this is not always possible. Large disability firms schedule attorneys throughout the nation. Law offices may hire lawyers to work certain cities if there are a large number of hearings in that city, but generally lawyers will travel to the hearing site on the day of the hearing.

The good news is most of the work can be done via email and phone. Medical records are sent directly to the SSA. The SSA compiles the information for the lawyer. The lawyer reviews the information, and they may or may not request additional information from the claimant.

Why hire a lawyer if all they do is show up at the hearing?


There is always going to be the question of whether or not the disability lawyer is overpaid for the services they perform for disability claimants. In some cases they are, but the better question is whether or not you have the skills necessary to argue and win your own disability case, and unfortunately, most claimants do not.