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Disability Lawyer refused to help me with a second SSDI case

Can Disability lawyer refuse to work with me?

Recently on our disability forum we had a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claimant ask what they should do if they had applied for disability and gone through the whole application process and exhausted all of their appeals but their disability lawyer refuses to help them anymore with their case. This claimant specifically wanted to know if they have a SSDI case.

It is likely this SSDI claimant has been fighting for disability benefits for months or years. But what are their options? Should they try to hire a new lawyer and start the process again? Should they give up? Should they file the application and try to win benefits on their own?

Hiring a new disability lawyer for SSDI help

Whether or not you should hire a new disability lawyer and start the process again will depend on several factors. For instance, not all lawyers work as hard as they should to win a claimant’s SSDI case. There are complaints from many applicants that they never talked to their lawyer prior to the hearing and the disability lawyer was unprepared, did not have all of their medical information and did not speak one time throughout the entire hearing.

If this sounds like your experience, hiring a new disability lawyer, one who is competent and ready to fight for you, may be extremely beneficial. Consider also, just because one lawyer does not want to work on your case again does not mean that all lawyers will refuse to help you.

What are the downsides? You could find, after talking to several more lawyers, they are unwilling to start the fight again, especially if the first lawyer didn’t have any luck with your case.

Should you fight for SSDI on your own?

After the months you have spent waiting for benefits using a disability lawyer there is always the chance that you may feel you understand the process well enough to apply and argue your case on your own. While much of the process can be done without legal help you may realize, now more than ever, that the SSDI process can be complicated, time-consuming and difficult to navigate on your own.

Here again, it may depend on why you have been denied. If your case simply lacked sufficient medical evidence which you can now readily get, information that your disability lawyer may have failed to inform you about, it could be possible to win benefits the second time you apply.

Can you possibly go back to work?

I have been at hearings where right before we walked into the hearing the claimant stated they could work. Now, whether or not they had this ability when they started the process I am not sure but it is possible for conditions to improve and for claimants to realize they can return to work. If your condition has improved and you now feel that you can return to work now is time to try
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