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Components in the Disability Determination Process

If you have filed a Social Security Disability application you may have waited weeks or months to receive your reply. You may be wondering where your Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income application has disappeared and why does it take so long to get a disability application approved. Let’s talk about the components of the Disability Determination process.

The Social Security Administration has ten administrative regional offices located across the United States. Each regional office has responsibilities to manage a network of Social Security Administration Field Offices in its region. Each regional office also has a Disability Qualify Branch which requests Social Security Disability cases which it will analyze and perform quality reviews.

In 1998, the Social Security Administration formed the Office of Central Operations by merging several offices together. Currently, the Office of Central Operations is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and is responsible for establishing and maintaining earnings records for workers, processing Title II disability claims for claimants who are under 54 years of age and live in the United States (The Office of Disability Operations) and international Title II claims for claimants who reside outside of the United States (The Office of International Operations).

The Social Security Administration also has a Federal Records Center which maintains all paper records. The Federal Records Center is the final repository for all of the records for disability claims.

In addition to all of the locations listed above, the Social Security Administration also has six Program Service Centers which are located regionally around the United States. There are Program Service Centers in the following cities: Jamaica, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, Richmond, CA, and Kansas City, MO. Each Program Service Center represents a region of the country and is responsible for processing disability claims, disability appeals, maintaining records and processing Title II claims.

Each of these service centers is run by dedicated Social Security employees who are working hard to process applications, evaluate a claimant’s personal information, review medical files, analyze earnings data and get the information to the next location to help the Social Security Administration make a disability determination for you, the disability claimant.

Does it take a long time to process Social Security Disability claims? Yes, but there are thousands of Social Security Disability applicants just like you who are waiting for their Social Security Disability benefits. It is easy to get discouraged. Talk to a Social Security Disability lawyer about what you information you need to increase your chances of having your disability application approved.