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Can you speed up a Social Security Disability Hearing Decision?

If you want to have the request for your Social Security Disability hearing expedited there may be a few things you can do such as request a congressional inquiry from a senator or congressman – which only a few claimants will successfully be able to do- or prove you are in “dire need” for an expedited hearing. The bottom line is most Social Security Disability claimants will be unable to speed up their Social Security Disability hearing because there are thousands of Social Security Disability hearings which have been requested, and there are a limited number of Administrative Law Judges available to hear the cases.

So if you can not speed up a Social Security Disability hearing, is there anything you can do to expedite the processing of your Social Security Disability claim? Thankfully, there are many things you can do to help the Social Security Administration process your claim or award you Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible, at the lowest level possible.

  1. Respond to all requests from the Social Security Administration as soon as you receive them. Failure to respond to calls or letters extends the amount of time needed to process your SSD claim. Continued failure to answer the Social Security Administration’s requests for information may result in the dismissal of your Social Security Disability claim for failure to cooperate.

  2. Attend all Social Security Disability consultative exams. Reschedule an exam as soon as possible if you are unable to attend.

  3. File all Social Security Appeals as soon as you receive your Social Security Disability denial letter. Claimants have 60 days to appeal denial decisions, but if you wait the full 60 days every time you are denied, you can substantially delay the processing time.

  4. If the Administrative Law Judge has ordered a Social Security Disability file left open because they lack medical records, you can expedite the process by going and physically getting the medical records from the appropriate medical sources. This may or may not be practical, depending on the situation, but regardless, be involved and proactive with your Social Security Disability claim.

  5. Get consistent medical care from your doctor and ask him to provide documentation about how your mental or physical health condition limits your ability to work. If you have the right documentation, prior to applying for Social Security Disability, you may be able to avoid a consultative exam.

  6. Hire a Social Security Disability lawyer. Disability lawyers or non-attorney representatives understand the Social Security Disability process. A large attorney’s office may process hundreds of disability claims each year. A Social Security Disability lawyer can help you avoid common mistakes and help you complete the appropriate tasks right the first time.

Why does it take so long to get a disability decision? There are a lot of reasons including: inefficiencies in the Social Security processes, the large number or claimants who apply for disability benefits and the lack of Social Security Administration workers available to process Social Security Disability claims. Gathering medical records is one of the greatest challenges for the Social Security Administration. If you can proactively ensure the disability examiner has everything they need to make a disability decision for your claim, you can substantially decrease the time it will take to make a disability decision.