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How can I expedite my SSDI claim?

Recently on our disability forum a user asked, “I have been out of work for twenty-four months. All of my money is gone, and my family is no longer able to help me. Unfortunately, without help I will be homeless in a month. The SSA just requested that I attend a consultative examination. What’s the hold up? Is there a way to expedite the disability evaluation process and get my SSDI claim immediately approved?”

SSDI process and the waiting period

One of the most common questions are asked is, “How can I make the SSDI process go faster?”

There are millions of disability applications submitted each year to the SSA for evaluation and disability processing. Although many of the applications are immediately rejected because the disability applicants do not meet the nonmedical requirements, this leaves thousands more which must be scrutinized and reviewed.

So, unfortunately, unless the SSA could hire hundreds more disability examiners, SSA workers, consultative examiners, and administrative judges, it will be impossible to speed up the SSA disability evaluation process.

Now, you specifically mentioned whether there was something you could do to expedite your SSDI claim. While there’s not much you can really do to expedite your claim short of immediately qualifying under a Compassionate Allowance or terminal case (which would allow for immediate approval), you can take certain steps to improve your chances of being approved the first time you apply.

Steps to help your SSDI claim get approved:

  1. Make sure you meet the nonmedical requirements for SSDI.

The first step to ensure your SSDI claim will not be denied is to review the nonmedical requirements for qualifications. For example, make sure you are not working or making too much money when you apply for benefits.

  1. Make sure your application is accurate and complete.

One of the biggest mistakes claimants make when submitting their SSDI claim is not understanding how to fill out the application and what information the SSA needs to make a disability determination. There are so many good books and guides that can help you understand the process, not to mention articles that have been written, there is no excuse for not understanding the application process.

  1. Make sure you understand what you are trying to prove.

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) the SSA will determine whether you have a condition which is severe, which is expected to last for 12 continuous months, and which does not allow you to work or perform substantial gainful activity. All the information you provide should be aimed at meeting each of these requirements.

  1. Go see a doctor and make sure your medical records are complete.

The SSA makes their disability decision by reviewing your current medical records. You mentioned that the SSA has requested that you go to a consultative examination. You also mentioned it took 3 months to schedule the appointment.

If you want to expedite your SSDI case one of the best ways is to see a doctor and make sure the SSA has all of your medical evidence.

  1. Hire a disability lawyer. 

Although a disability lawyer cannot move your case to the front of the line, they can improve your chances of winning benefits at every step in the disability process.

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