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Calling Social Security about your Social Security Disability Claim

The Social Security Administration provides benefits to individuals through two separate disability programs- Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. To qualify for either program an individual must not be able to work because they have a medical condition, either physical or mental, which is so severe that it is expected to last one year or result in their death.

A Social Security Disability applicant can contact the Social Security Administration in one of the following ways:

Social Security Disability claims can take months to process (approximately 3 to 5). If a claimant’s SSDI or SSI application is denied it could take many more months to navigate the Social Security Disability appeal’s process. Anyone who is unable to work and expects their condition to last at least 12 months or longer should apply for SSD benefits as soon as they become disabled. To receive Social Security Disability benefits a Social Security Benefits and Disability Report must be completed. This application can be found at: This application can be completed online or the claimant may print the report and bring it to the nearest Social Security Disability office. To expedite the processing of a Social Security Benefits and Disability Report the following information should be provided by the Claimant:

Additional Social Security Disability forms must also be completed in the Social Security Disability application process. Claimants must be prepared to provide information about how their mental or physical health condition affects their ability to work. Claimants must also complete medical release forms to send to the hospitals, doctors, clinics or any other medical center to allow the Social Security Administration to gather current medical information. The Social Security Administration is responsible for helping the claimant gather all current medical files to ensure a complete diagnosis is available to evaluate the claimant’s mental and physical health condition.