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Asian Americans are the least obese in the U.S.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that Asian Americans are the least likely to be overweight and obese, and it’s not even close. According to the CDC, “38.6% of Asian American adults have a body mass index over 25, the threshold for being considered overweight, compared to a staggering 66.7% rate among whites, 76.7% rate among blacks and 78.8% rate among Latinos.”

Within the Asian American population, 43% of men are much more likely to have a BMI over the recommended level of 25, compared to 34.7% of women. The older the man or woman, the greater the chance they will be overweight, even for Asian Americans. For instance, older Asian Americans who are greater than 40 years old have a 1.5 times higher chance of being overweight than their younger counterparts aged 20 and 39.

Asian Americans health statistics according to CDC


According to the CDC, they made their determinations based on a survey. In the 2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Asian American volunteered to participate in the study to improve the CDC’s information about this minority group.

Obesity rates were just one factor studied. The CDC also reviewed the cholesterol levels and found that “10.3% of Asian Americans have high total cholesterol, with at least 240 milligrams per deciliter of blood.” This measurement, according to the CDC, is comparable to other American ethnic groups.

The CDC also measured Asian Americans rates of hypertension and found, “25.6% of Asian American adults qualify as having hypertension because their blood pressure is at least 140/90 millimeters mercury or because they are taking blood pressure medications.” This rate is comparable to Latinos and whites but is less than non-Hispanic African Americans who currently have a rate of 42.1%.

How many Americans are Asian American?


Asian Americans consist of Chinese, Asian Indian, Korean, Philippine, Vietnamese or Japanese descent. There are an estimated 15.4 million Asian Americans residing in the United States at this time, a 40% increase from 2,000. Right now the CDC estimates that nearly 1 in 20 Americans is an Asian American.

Asian Americans tend to be younger than other white Americans, most of them continue their education throughout high school and college and up to 84.5% were born in another country.

Obesity and SSDI benefits


Although at one time the Social Security Administration or SSA did consider obesity to be a disabling health condition, it does not anymore. If you are obese you will not be found automatically disabled. You will have to prove that your weight, in addition to other conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or amputation, does not allow you to work a full-time job and will last for at least 12 continuous months. You will also have to have worked and paid enough into the SSA system to be considered disabled. If you can work, or you are not insured, you will be automatically denied SSDI, regardless of your health condition.
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