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Aphasia and Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

Aphasia is a language disorder that is characterized by damage to the parts of the brain that control language. This is the left hemisphere (side) of the brain in most cases.

Aphasia has to do with the expression and understanding of language. It also has to do with the reading and writing of language.

Aphasia may originate with other speech disorders that are a result of damage to the brain like dysarthria or apraxia of speech. Aphasia occurs most of the time in people who are middle-aged and older. However, this disorder can develop in anyone.

Who is affected

Somewhere around one million people are afflicted with aphasia in the United States. Estimates are that about 80,000 people develop the disorder every year. Aphasia affects men and women equally.

There are four main forms of aphasia. They are:

Anomic aphasia – This is where there is a problem using the right word for events, places or objects.
Global aphasia – This is a form of the disorder where a person cannot speak, read or write, or understand speech.
Receptive aphasia – A person is able to hear the voice or see the print, but they are unable to make any sense out of the words.
Expressive aphasia – This form is where a person knows what it is that they want to say, but they have difficulty saying or writing what they mean.

Aphasia is a disorder that usually begins suddenly. Often, it is brought about by a stroke or head injury, However, aphasia may also begin slowly. This is true if it results from a brain tumor, dementia or infection.

The signs and symptoms that are produced by aphasia are determined by the severity and location of the brain damage. Possible signs and symptoms include:

Writing sentences that do not make sense
Speaking in sentences that do not make sense
Not being able to understand other people’s conversation
Saying unrecognizable words
Interpreting figurative language in a literal way
Speaking in short, incomplete sentences.

The amount of disability that is brought about by aphasia is also determined by the location and severity of the brain damage.

Aphasia may be the reason why your spouse or loved one cannot work. This disorder may have brought about their disability.

If this is true, do you need financial assistance in providing and caring for your spouse or loved one? Where will you get the financial help that you need?

List of impairments

It will help you to know that aphasia is one of the disorders that is on the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments. However, this is not a guarantee of being approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Sufficient medical proof has to be submitted to the Social Security Administration. Sometimes, this is more complicated than you would imagine. It may serve you well to secure the services of a disability attorney to help and guide you through the application process. A disability attorney may prove to be the difference in approval or denial of Social Security disability benefits.

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