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SSDI - 5 Mistakes that will kill your chances of winning

Many SSDI claimants apply for SSDI assuming that it will only take a few weeks and before they know it a big fat disability check will appear in their mail box. They may be unable to work but the money they have put in is waiting for them and the SSA is eager to process their claim and get them their Social Security Disability Insurance payments as soon as possible.

This assumption is wrong on many fronts. First, SSDI is not a guaranteed payment. In fact, millions of applicants are never approved for benefits and must either attempt to return to work or scratch out an existence on their own. Next, many applicants, who might have a chance of getting approved, make some common mistakes that GUARANTEE their SSDI application will continue to be denied. This blog will address the five most common mistakes that might ensure you will never be approved for SSA Social Security Disability Insurance benefits:

1.    You have a short term condition.

If you are pregnant or have been in a car accident you might not be able to work right now, but if your condition is short term, do not apply, you will never win SSDI benefits. The SSA does not offer any type of temporary or short-term disability benefits.

2.    You have not seen a doctor in years.

Although some claimants who do not have sufficient medical evidence may be sent to a consultative examiner and miraculously be awarded benefits after a five to ten minute consultation, this is the exception, not the rule. Get good medical care BEFORE you apply to improve your chances of winning SSDI.

3.    You are working and making too much money.

If you are able to work full time the SSA will NEVER consider you disabled. If you can work you need to work but do not apply for SSDI because you will be denied. Another consideration is the amount of pay you earn. If you earn more than $1010 gross per month, regardless if you are working very part-time, the SSA will consider you not disabled and will deny your SSDI case.

4.    You do not have enough work credits to be considered insured for SSDI.

Check your insured status BEFORE you apply for SSDI benefits. If you do not have enough work credits you will have to earn more or you will be automatically denied. You also cannot take credits from your husband and use them for yourself. SSDI insured status is based on your own work record. Earning credits may not require too much work so if you only lack a few credits you may only have to work a few months or a year to be considered insured.

5.    You keep applying again and again and fail to appeal the denial.

If you have been denied SSDI benefits you will have 60 days from the date of the denial letter to appeal it. Talk to a disability lawyer. They can identify mistakes you may be making. Many disability claimants will have a better chance of winning SSDI if they appeal their denial instead of filing multiple times.

As you can see, by taking a few simple steps and eliminating common mistakes you can improve of your chances of winning SSDI benefits the first time you apply.
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